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How To Cancel Manscaped Subscription? Website & Email Options

Cancel Manscaped subscription is an easy process that ensures you remain in control of your male grooming needs. The platform’s user-friendly approach extends to its cancellation procedure, aligning with the easy steps you took to become a member.

Whether you’ve reaped the benefits of their grooming products or enjoyed the offers provided, discontinuing your subscription is hassle-free. Head over to the official website or drop an email to, utilizing the same platform that facilitated your journey.

Manscaped values its customers and their specified regions’ grooming requirements, a sentiment they’ve upheld since the platform’s creation. Rest assured, canceling is as seamless as the complete cleaning their products offer for your body and pubic regions.

What Is Manscaped? The Peak Hygiene Plan

Manscaped presents an extensive choice of male-prepping items fastidiously created to smooth out the course of body hair expulsion and every day purging schedules.

Through their state-of-the-art clippers, they ensure an effortless hair expulsion experience while shielding all aspects of your body from accidental inconvenience.

Past the fundamentals, they give men’s colognes, toners for public regions, antiperspirants, and stimulating body washes, taking care of assorted preparation needs.

The feature is the Pinnacle Cleanliness Plan, a membership administration offering a consistent 3-month conveyance of new cutting edges and tops off, exhibiting their commitment to client comfort.

This plan accompanies the additional advantage of the Platinum Guarantee, guaranteeing help for items like the Weed Whacker or Yard Cutter, should any issues emerge from now on.

Alongside these perks, Manscaped presents discounted prices and a budget-friendly shipment fee of only $18.99, making self-care effortlessly accessible.

The Peak Hygiene Plan offers Priority Support

Certainly, here are the steps to cancel Manscaped subscription using the provided comma-separated words:

  • Log In: Make sure you are logged into your Manscaped account on either your smartphone or desktop using the same credentials you used to order the product.
  • Access My Peak Hygiene Plan: From the menu, navigate to the “My Peak Hygiene Plan” tab.
  • Priority Support: Within the tab, locate the option for “Priority Support” and click on it to open a dedicated channel.
  • Reach Out: Contact the support team using this channel, letting them know your intention to cancel your subscription.

By following these steps through your Peak Hygiene membership account, you can access Priority Support and smoothly cancel your subscription.

How to Cancel Manscaped Subscription?

Certainly, here’s the information organized into bullet points for the topic of “How to Cancel Manscaped Subscription?

Manscaped and Hygiene:

  • Manscaped, a company focused on personal hygiene, offers a range of grooming products and innovative solutions.
  • They have tackled male hygiene taboos through their platform, providing grooming products designed for pubic regions with specific specifications.
  • Products include trimmers, toners, and even an all-in-one body wash that doubles as shampoo.

Subscription and Convenience:

  • Customers can opt for a Manscaped membership, enjoying access to their exclusive products and subscription plans.
  • The Manscaped Subscription plan, known as the Peak Hygiene Plan, offers monthly delivery of grooming essentials right to your door.
  • This subscription model simplifies the process of keeping up with personal grooming needs.

Cancellation Process:

  • If you’re considering canceling Manscaped Subscription, the process is easy.
  • Visit the official website or send an email to to initiate the cancellation.
  • The ready availability of these options ensures convenience for customers who are looking to cancel.

Easy Steps:

Follow these steps to cancel your subscription:

Satisfaction and Choices:

  • Manscaped values customer satisfaction and provides options for those who may want to cancel their subscription.
  • Whether it’s the convenience of the Peak Hygiene Plan or individual product purchases, Manscaped caters to diverse grooming preferences.

Continued Learning:

  • To learn more about the cancellation process and alternatives, continue scrolling through the information provided.
  • Being informed empowers you to make decisions that align with your grooming needs and preferences.

What Is Manscaped Subscription Cost?

The Manscaped online store offers a convenient way to access a variety of male grooming products. Central to their offerings is the Manscaped Subscription, available through the Peak Hygiene Plan.

This plan ensures the delivery of products to your door every three months. Notably, there’s no monthly membership fee or subscription cost; you’re only charged for shipping, starting at $18.99.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose products and purchase refills, all at the same shipping cost. For added value, the Manscaped Subscription features a VIP Pricing option, granting access to a range of products at the lowest prices along with other enticing offers.

It’s an easily accessible and cost-effective solution for maintaining you’re grooming routine.

What is the process for canceling a Manscaped subscription? Cancel Subscription Online or Without Account

Manscaped Subscription can be canceled at any time through their official website or by emailing them.

Cancel Manscaped Subscription through the Website

To cancel Manscaped subscription conveniently, follow these simple steps through the official website:

  • Begin by visiting the official website of Manscaped at Once there, access your Manscaped account by logging in with your username and password.
  • Locate the Account Menu on the page, which offers various options for managing your subscription. Among these options, click on “Manage Plan.”
  • Scroll down the page to find the “Cancel Plan” option.
  • The instructions provided will guide you through the remaining steps. Simply follow the provided points and directions to complete the cancellation.

By utilizing the official website of Manscaped, you have the required tools to easily cancel your subscription.

Cancel Manscaped Subscription via Email

To cancel Manscaped subscription via email, you have two effective methods to choose from:

Email App Method:

  • You will need to open the default email app on your device.
  • Compose a new email and navigate to the recipient field.
  • Add “” as the recipient.
  • Set the email subject as “Request to cancel my Manscaped Subscription.
  • In the email body, provide the reason for your cancellation and any essential details related to your account that might be required for the process.
  • Once you’ve provided the necessary information, click on the “Send” button to initiate your cancellation request.

Alternative Method:

  • If you are unable to cancel your subscription through other means or don’t recall your account details, sending an email to is a viable option.
  • Craft an email specifying your desire to cancel Manscaped subscription.
  • Clearly state the reason for your cancellation and include any pertinent account information.
  • You can forward the email by clicking on “Send“.

Get additional support from Manscaped

When seeking additional support for your Manscaped account, the process is both easy and convenient. After exploring the informative articles available on the Manscaped website, you have the option to reach out for assistance through various channels.

By filling out a simple request form online, Manscaped’s representatives are ready to provide thorough answers to your questions and guide you through tasks such as canceling your account.

Alternatively, sending an email to connects you with their dedicated team members who are well-equipped to assist you in managing your membership.

Regrettably, in-person visits to local stores are not applicable for cancelations, but the online avenues ensure comprehensive support.


In Last Word, the process of managing your Manscaped subscription is designed to be user-friendly and convenient. By subscribing to Manscaped, you not only gain access to various perks and benefits but also the flexibility to cancel the subscription when it’s no longer needed.

The means examined above give an unmistakable manual for consistently dropping your Manscaped membership, guaranteeing that you stay in charge of your prepping decisions.

Whether you’re investigating the advantages of the membership or choosing to drop out, Manscaped means to give a smooth and fulfilling experience customized to your necessities.

Cancel Manscaped Subscription- FAQs

Is it easy to cancel MANSCAPED?

Yes, it’s easy to Cancel Manscaped subscription. Once you’re logged into your account, simply look under your account menu, click on “manage plan,” scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and follow the points provided to cancel your subscription.

Why is MANSCAPED a subscription?

MANSCAPED offers a subscription because we prioritize taking care of our customers. Our subscription service allows you to enjoy many extra benefits and features conveniently and easily. It’s our way of ensuring you receive exceptional value and a seamless grooming experience with added benefits.

What is a MANSCAPED subscription?

A MANSCAPED subscription is part of our Peak Hygiene Plan, providing you with a comprehensive refill of Body Wash, Deodorant, and a fresh blade every 3 months. For $30.98 + tax, it offers convenience without any commitment – you can cancel anytime.

How do I update my MANSCAPED subscription?

To update your MANSCAPED subscription, navigate to your self-service member portal. There, you’ll find the option to select a specific shipment date or modify the plan frequency in one-month increments, allowing adjustments for up to 11 months. For changes to the Peak Hygiene Plan, simply click on “Manage Plan” to update your account information seamlessly.

What is the process for getting my money back from MANSCAPED?

To initiate a refund request with MANSCAPED, you can follow these steps: Visit the Contact Us page, choose “Return” from the drop-down menu under “What Can We Help You With,” and complete the provided form with your order details. Alternatively, you can contact our customer support team by email at

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