How To Cancel Factor Meals Subscription

How To Cancel Factor Meals Subscription? Quick & Easy Steps

How to Cancel Factor Meals subscription? It is an easy process that can be done through multiple methods. Whether you signed up through their website or mobile app, the cancellation steps remain consistent.

First, log in to your account on the Factor Meals website or app. Navigate to the “Subscription” section where you’ll find the option to manage your existing plan.

From there, you can choose to pause your subscription if you’re looking for a temporary break or switch to an alternative plan. The responsive support team is available to provide solutions and assist you throughout the process.

Keep in mind that if you’re in the middle of the month and your current subscription is set to expire, deciding to cancel will prevent any future deliveries while still allowing you to enjoy the meals you’ve already paid for.

How To Cancel Factor Meals Subscription?

If you’re a health-conscious individual using Factor’s food delivery service, but circumstances change, canceling your subscription is a straightforward process. You have the flexibility to adjust your plan, switch options, and modify your preferences for meals.

Whether you decide to take a break or fully cancel, the commitment is not permanent. Their user-friendly website and mobile app provide easy steps to manage your subscription.

What Is Factor?

The Factor is a leading Meal Delivery Service that offers a diverse range of healthy food options designed by experienced Chefs and dieticians.

Customers can personalize their meal courses based on their preferences and dietary choices. With a user-friendly subscription system, health-conscious consumers can easily add, modify, or cancel their meal plans according to their changing needs.

The array of choices ensures that subscribers can enjoy fresh, flavorful meals while adhering to their health goals. Factor’s seamless approach to catering to individual preferences within its subscription system makes it a top choice for those seeking convenient and health-conscious meal solutions.

How To Use Factor Meal Delivery Service?

Using Factor’s Meal Delivery Service is a seamless process that caters to various dietary needs and preferences. Upon subscribing, customers gain access to a diverse range of diet options through the Factor Menu, including Keto diets, Vegan meals, Gluten-free meals, and protein-rich options.

The service is particularly beneficial for individuals with special diet plans, as Factor takes care of the preparation, saving both time and effort. If you’re trying to lose weight, manage diabetes, eat a healthy diet, or have digestive woes.

Subscribers can effortlessly oversee their subscription plans, creating a seamless and uncomplicated method to relish nutritious and customized meals that correspond to their well-being objectives.

How To Cancel Factor Meals Subscription?

When it comes to canceling your Factor Meals subscription, the process is designed to be simple and user-friendly. If you’re contemplating cancelation for any reason, you can easily follow the provided instructions in the tutorial.

Despite canceling, you’ll retain the benefits of the same exclusive price and any applicable discounts if you decide to purchase from Factor in the future.

The adaptability of the service and the clear instructions in the tutorial make canceling your Factor Meals subscription a hassle-free endeavor.

What To Know Before Canceling Your Factor Meals Subscription

Before proceeding with canceling your Factor Meals subscription, there are important aspects to consider. It’s crucial to grasp the distinctions between canceling, deactivating, and terminating, as these terms hold varying implications.

In the context of Factor Meals’ terms and conditions, “cancel” and “deactivate” are used interchangeably, both signifying a temporary pause in your subscription, with the option to reactivate later.

On the other hand, “terminating” denotes a permanent closure of your account, involving the deletion of personal information from Factor’s servers.

Additionally, be mindful of the deadline – cancellations or terminations must be executed before Wednesday at 11:59 PM CST to affect the subsequent week’s delivery.

How To Cancel Factor Meals (3 Simple Ways)

1. The following steps will guide you through canceling Factor Meals:

  • Sign in to your Factor Meals account.
  • Access the “Plan Settings” from the sidebar menu on your account’s main page.
  • Scroll down to the “Status” section at the bottom of the page.
  • Click the prominent “Deactivate my plan” button.
  • On the subsequent page, Factor Meals may offer a discount to encourage plan retention and provide solutions for common issues like cost concerns or changing plans.
  • To proceed with cancellation, find and click the “Cancel anyway” button on the page’s bottom.
  • A pop-up might appear prompting you to explain your departure; this step is optional.
  • Finalize the deactivation by clicking the “Deactivate now” button.

2. How to Cancel Factor Meals via Email

Canceling your Factor Meals subscription via email is a user-friendly process that ensures simplicity and efficiency. To proceed, send an email to, the dedicated address for Factor’s customer support team.

  • In the subject line, write “Cancel My Subscription,” and within the body of the email,
  • Include key information such as your full name,
  • Factor Meals account email address, delivery address, and the reason for canceling.

3. How to Cancel Factor Meals via Phone

Canceling your Factor Meals subscription via phone is an available option that, while requiring a bit more time due to potential hold times, remains relatively simple.

Before calling, ensure you have the necessary information on hand, such as your full name, Factor account email address, delivery address, and the reason for canceling.

Contact Factor Customer Care at (888) 573-5727 and let the representative know of your intention to cancel. Provide any requested information to confirm the deactivation process.

This approach offers a direct way to cancel your subscription and addresses any inquiries you might have during the process.

Look For This Confirmation Email After You Cancel

After canceling your Factor Meals subscription, it’s important to keep an eye out for a confirmation email. This email is typically sent within 5 to 10 minutes after the cancellation process.

If you don’t find it in your inbox right away, make sure to also check your spam folder. If you haven’t received the confirmation email, it’s likely that your cancellation request didn’t go through.

In such cases, I recommend repeating the cancellation process or trying a different method to ensure a smooth cancellation experience.

What Is The Monthly Cost Of Factor Meals?

No. of Meals Whole Meal Price Per Meal Price
4 Meals $60.00 $15.00
6 Meals $77.00 $12.83
8 Meals $99.00 $12.37
12 Meals $138.00 $11.50
18 Meals $198.00 $11.00

Understanding the return and refund policy of Factor meal membership

When it comes to understanding the refund policy of Factor meal membership, customers can rest assured that the company prioritizes a positive customer experience.

If any customer finds themselves unsatisfied with an individual meal or any aspect of the offerings, they have the option to contact the Customer Experience team via email at or through a call at (888) 573-5727.

Depending on the condition and circumstances, Factor Meal will issue either a partial or full refund. In some cases, the customer may be asked to return the unsatisfactory meal and provide a photograph as proof before the refund is processed.

Rest assured, Factor Meal aims to address any concerns and ensure customer satisfaction by issuing appropriate credits or refunds within 5 days.

Getting Your Factor Meals Subscription Back After Canceling

If you’ve decided to hit the road again with your Factor Meals subscription after a brief pause, the reactivation process is just a few clicks away.

  • Log in to your account and navigate to the main account page.
  • Where you’ll find a prominent banner at the top.

This big banner will greet you with an option to “Reactivate Your Plan.” A simple click on this button will guide you through the menu selection, including your preferred plan and meals for the current week.

You’ll also confirm your account details, such as your name, address, and meal quantity. Once you’ve made these selections, the smooth reactivation process will be complete, and your subscription will be renewed, ensuring that delicious and convenient meals are back on your menu.


When it comes to managing your subscriptions for factor meal delivery services, the process is designed to be both convenient and user-friendly.

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Cancel Your Factor Subscription- FAQs

How do I cancel my Factor meal plan?

To cancel your Factor Meals plan, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Factor Meals account on their website.
  • Navigate to the main page of your account and click on “Plan Settings” in the sidebar menu.
  • Scroll down to the “Status” section located at the bottom of the page.
  • Look for the prominently displayed button that reads “Deactivate my plan” and click on it.

Is factor meals easy to cancel?

Yes, canceling Factor Meals is straightforward. You can cancel your account by adhering to the weekly cutoff time, or contact Factor’s customer service via call or email. Just remember the order processing cutoff is 11:59 pm CT every Wednesday.

When can you cancel factor meals?

You can cancel Factor Meals at any time with no commitment necessary. Whether you want to skip a delivery or cancel your subscription, the flexibility is yours.

How do I cancel a factor order on the app?

To cancel a Factor order through the app, log in to your account and update your subscription option. Keep in mind that once an order is processed or shipped, it cannot be canceled.

What is the lawsuit against Factor 75?

The class-action lawsuit against Factor 75, LLC pertains to the alleged inadequate disclosure of terms regarding its automatic renewal and continuous service offers for weekly subscriptions of ready-made meals.

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