How to cancel la fitness membership

How to cancel la fitness membership – Quick Guide

If you want to know how to cancel la fitness membership, rest assured that we are here to help and support you throughout the process.

We understand that everyone’s fitness journey is unique, and whether it’s a change in your goals or any other reason, we won’t judge. Our aim is to provide effective cancellation steps that work seamlessly for you.

LA Fitness, with its chain of gymnasiums and health clubs in the United States and Canada, offers a diverse range of membership plans tailored to suit your fitness demands.

If you wish to proceed with the cancellation, you can do so by submitting a cancellation letter to your local club or even initiating the process online through a simple form. We’re committed to making this process as convenient as possible for you.

Remember, our team is here to help, whether you choose to visit your nearest club location, fill out the cancellation form, or even mail the cancellation letter to your gym.

How To Cancel La Fitness Membership?

If you wish to cancel your LA Fitness membership, you have several options available. As a member of an LA Fitness gym, you are billed every month for your membership.

If you no longer need to use the gym’s equipment or services, you can proceed with the cancellation process.

To cancel, you must fill out a cancellation form and choose to send it via mail, fax it to the gym, or deliver it in person. Unfortunately, an online option for cancellation is not currently available.

How Much Is LA Fitness Gym Membership?

LA Fitness Gym offers a range of membership plans for individuals and groups. Depending on the number of people joining, you can choose between Single Club and multi-club access.

The Monthly membership for Single Club requires an annual fee of $49.00 and is divided into six months terms. The initiation fee for one person is $99.00, and the monthly fee is $34.99, resulting in a total initial payment of $168.98.

The total payment for two persons is $263.96, comprising an initiation fee of $124.00 and a monthly fee of $69.98. For three persons, the initiation fee is $149.00, and the monthly fee is $104.97, totaling $358.94.

On the other hand, the Monthly membership for multi-club access also has a $49.00 annual fee but requires no initiation fee.

  • For one person, the monthly fee is $49.99, making the total initial payment $99.98.
  • For two persons, the monthly fee is $99.98, with a total initiation fee of $199.96.
  • For three persons, the monthly fee is approximately $149.97, and the initial payment amounts to $299.94.

How Can I Cancel My LA Fitness Membership?

To cancel your LA Fitness membership, you can obtain the cancellation form and fill it out. Once completed, simply give the form to a club representative at your health club.

Alternatively, you can download the cancellation form online or visit your health club to obtain one.

1. Cancel LA Fitness Online

To cancel LA Fitness online, follow these steps:

  • Please access the official website and sign in to your account using your login credentials.
  • On your account page, find the membership cancellation link and click on it to access the cancellation form.
  • Fill out the form with all the required details and once finished, place it in an envelope for mailing.
  • To cancel your membership, make sure to use certified mail and send your cancellation letter to the following address: LA Fitness, PO Box 54170, Irvine, CA 92619-4170.
  • After sending the letter, you will receive a confirmation mail once your cancellation request is accepted.

2. Cancel LA Fitness via Email

To cancel your LA Fitness membership via email, follow these steps:

  • Compose an email to
  • Request to cancel your membership and provide the necessary information:
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Billing address
  • The last four digits of your credit card
  • Home gym location
  • Include all the required details in the email and express your intention to cancel the membership. Send the email to and wait for their response.

3. Cancel LA Fitness In Person

  • Visit your local LA Fitness Club location.
  • Talk to a representative there and express your wish to cancel the membership.
  • The representative will provide you with a membership cancellation form, which you need to fill out.
  • You can then hand over the filled-out form in person to complete the cancellation process.

How to cancel an LA Fitness membership via phone?

Canceling your LA Fitness membership over the phone provides the best way to terminate your subscription without leaving the comfort of your home.

It ensures quicker and more efficient communication compared to email cancellation. To initiate the process, simply as:

  • Contact LA Fitness customer service at 949-255-7200
  • Speak to a supportive representative about your intent to end the membership
  • Complete the necessary cancellation form, and mail it for a smooth and hassle-free experience

Cancel LA Fitness with DoNotPay

Canceling your LA Fitness membership can be a complicated and time-consuming process. However, there’s a convenient and efficient solution with the DoNotPay app.

With just a few simple steps, you can bid farewell to your membership in just two minutes.

  • Access the DoNotPay app on your web browser,
  • Select “Find Hidden Money,”
  • Enter “LA Fitness” as the service you want to cancel, and the app will handle the rest.
  • You’ll receive a notification via email once your subscription is successfully canceled.

How To Cancel LA Fitness Membership In Just 1 Minute!


In conclusion, LA Fitness proves to be an excellent choice for those seeking a nearby gym or health club, with its widespread presence across the state. However, if members ever find themselves unsatisfied with the services or have reasons for ending their membership.

They can follow the detailed cancellation steps or opt for a membership freeze if just planning a break. For further information, they can visit the website for related queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my LA membership?

To cancel your LA membership, first, go to the LA Fitness website. Then, log into your account and navigate to the “My LA Fitness” page. Once there, locate the “Account Information” section and choose the “Cancellation Form.”

Why can’t I cancel LA Fitness online?

To terminate your membership, you are required to complete a cancellation form and submit it through one of the following methods: mail it, fax it to the gym, or present it in person at the gym.

Unfortunately, the online cancellation option is not available at this time.

How long does the LA Fitness cancellation take?

The duration required to cancel an LA Fitness membership and receive a refund can vary based on the particular circumstances of the cancellation and the refund request.

Typically, the cancellation processing and refunding of the amount to the member’s account may take several weeks.

Can I cancel my LA gym membership online?

Yes, you can cancel your LA gym membership online by printing a cancellation form from the My LA Fitness website. Simply log in to your account, click on the Account Information tab, and then choose the “Cancellation Form” option on the right side of the screen.

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