How To Cancel Total AV Subscription

How To Cancel Total AV Subscription? (Complete Guide)

In This Blog, we inform you how to cancel total AV subscription with a simple process that ensures the safety of your important documents and devices. With the threat of system and software viruses looming, having an anti-virus program like Total AV is essential.

The software provides features for securing your computer against malware threats. If you find that the services or features of Total AV do not meet your expectations.

Total AV offers various subscription plans, granting users access to its basic features. Prioritizing your device’s security and ensuring a cancellation experience makes Total AV a reliable choice in anti-virus protection.

How To Cancel Total AV Subscription?

Canceling your Total AV subscription is an easy process designed to cater to users seeking a smooth cancellation experience.

You have multiple options at your disposal, including using the website, reaching out to dedicate Customer Support via email or phone call, or even canceling through PayPal.

If you made the subscription purchase through your iOS device, rest assured that cancellation can also be seamlessly accomplished.

About Total AV Subscription

Total AV stands as a robust antivirus software solution, offering comprehensive protection against a broad spectrum of digital threats. The software safeguards your valuable data while bolstering your device’s performance.

Whether you’re concerned about data integrity or optimizing your device’s functionality, Total AV’s suite of protective features remains at your disposal.

To Cancel a Total AV Subscription there are 5 Easy Steps that discuss under this:

1. Cancel Total AV Subscription from the Website

Canceling your Total AV subscription from the official website is a straightforward process, ensuring an easy experience for users:

  • Visit the Official Website: Start by visiting the official website of Total AV and signing in to your account.
  • Navigate to My Billing: Once signed in, navigate to the Account section and select “My Billing” from the menu options.
  • Manage Payment Method: Access the Payment Method section and click on the “Manage” button.
  • Adjust Billing Preferences: Within the Billing Preferences section, choose either “Disable Auto-Renew” or “Cancel Account.
  • Confirm Identity: As a security measure, a verification code will be sent to you to confirm your identity.

Complete Cancellation: Enter the verification code and click “Continue” to proceed with the cancellation process. Finally, select “Cancel My Account” to successfully cancel your Total AV subscription.

2. Cancel Total AV Subscription from PayPal

Canceling your Total AV subscription from PayPal is a straightforward process that ensures convenient management of your subscription status:

  • Access PayPal Account: Sign in to your PayPal account and navigate to the Recent Activity section.
  • Locate TotalAV Payment: Find your TotalAV payment transaction within the Recent Activity section.
  • Manage TotalAV Payments: Select your TotalAV payment and click on “Manage TotalAV Payments.
  • Initiate Cancellation: Click the “Cancel” button to initiate the cancellation process.
  • Cancel Automatic Payments: Further, click on “Cancel Automatic Payments” to confirm your cancellation.
  • Finalize Cancellation: Click “Done” to finalize the cancellation of your Total AV subscription.

3. Cancel Total AV Subscription via Phone Call

Canceling your Total AV subscription via a phone call is a convenient option that provides personalized assistance:

  • Request Cancellation: Users can initiate the Total AV subscription cancellation process by placing a phone call to the dedicated Support department.
  • Connect with a Representative: Dial the Customer Support number, 833 201 8681, to connect with a knowledgeable representative.
  • Provide Details: Clearly communicate your intent to cancel the Total AV subscription and furnish all the necessary details as requested by the representative.
  • Guided Assistance: Follow the instructions provided by the representative to ensure a seamless cancellation process.
  • Efficient Resolution: The support team is dedicated to helping you cancel your subscription smoothly and efficiently.

4. Cancel Total AV Subscription via Email

Canceling your Total AV subscription via email provides a convenient alternative to managing your subscription status:

  • Compose an Email: Open your device’s default email application and compose an email.
  • Request Subscription Cancellation: Clearly state your intention to cancel your Total AV subscription in the email content.
  • Provide Account Details: Include your account details to ensure accurate identification and processing.
  • Send the Email: Address the email to and send it.

Seek Confirmation: Request a confirmation message from Total AV to ensure your cancellation is successfully processed.

5. On The iPhone, How To Cancel Total Antivirus

  • To access your iOS device’s settings, open the Settings app and tap your name
  • Once you have signed in with your Apple ID, navigate to the Subscriptions section
  • You can cancel your Total AV subscription by selecting it from the list and clicking Cancel Subscription.

Once you have confirmed your cancellation procedure, you are done.

Benefits of Total AV Subscription:

Total AV subscription offers a range of compelling benefits that cater to your digital security needs:

  • Comprehensive Protection: Safeguard your system against a wide spectrum of threats, from viruses and malware to ransomware and phishing attacks.
  • Performance Enhancement: Elevate your device’s efficiency and speed through optimization techniques.
  • Safe Browsing: Utilize the safe site extension to receive warnings about potentially harmful websites, ensuring a secure online experience.
  • Round-the-Clock Support: Access 24/7 customer support, providing assistance whenever you require it.
  • Flexible Usage: Subscribers have the freedom to tailor their usage according to personal preferences and requirements.
  • Cost-Effective: Enjoy these benefits without straining your budget, as Total AV subscription plans offer value for the protection they provide.

Despite these advantages, if personal circumstances arise, users can consider options such as cancellation, making Total AV subscription a versatile choice that adapts to your changing needs.

Customer Opinions of Total AV Subscription

The consensus among most users is that Total AV provides a user-friendly and effective solution for safeguarding their devices.

The software’s real-time protection and performance optimization tools are particularly appreciated. While many find it beneficial, some express dissatisfaction with the renewal costs after the initial year.

Subscription cancellations may be influenced by this discrepancy in renewal prices. The overall sentiment leans towards positive experiences, with an emphasis on the software’s protective capabilities and ease of use.


In Conclusion, safeguarding your online work from potential threats like system and software viruses is paramount. A comprehensive suite of online security and data protection services is available from Total AV.

If, for any reason, you find the need to discontinue your subscription plan, the process is seamless and user-friendly. With multiple ways to cancel the TotalAV subscription, individuals can choose the method that suits their device and preferences. Also, Know How to Cancel Mags.Com Subscription?

Total AV Cancel Subscription- FAQs

How do I contact TotalAV?

You can contact TotalAV through various channels. To manage your billing preferences, access the ‘Manage Billing Preferences’ option in your control panel. For assistance, you can email your request, visit the Help Centre, or call 833 201 8681.

Is TotalAV a legitimate company?

Yes, TotalAV is a legitimate antivirus software provided by Protected, an international cyber security firm. Despite some concerns about higher renewal rates after the first year, customer reviews and information confirm that TotalAV is a legitimate and reputable company in the field of cyber security.

Is TotalAV a monthly subscription?

No, TotalAV does not offer monthly subscriptions. Instead, it provides different subscription plans, including a free plan and a variety of premium plans. The cheapest premium plan costs $19.00 per year and covers up to 3 devices, with the option to upgrade for additional features.

Is TotalAV actually free?

Yes, TotalAV offers a free version that serves as an on-demand antivirus scanner with anti-phishing protection. While the free plan is suitable for removing malware from your computer, it’s important to note that it lacks real-time protection against future malware infections.

What company owns TotalAV?

TotalAV is owned by the company named “” Founded in 2016 and based in the UK, TotalAV produces software tailored for home users, exemplifying its commitment to providing cybersecurity solutions.

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