Planet fitness cancellation fee

Is There A Planet fitness cancellation fee?

When considering a Planet Fitness membership cancellation, customers in North America have several options to explore. If a customer is no longer satisfied with their current membership, they can initiate the cancellation process and save money on monthly fees.

This ensures a seamless experience for those looking to close their accounts while maintaining their desired health and fitness outcomes.

Planet Fitness Cancellation Fee

A well-known Gym franchise provides a wide range variety of membership choices, including annual cancellation memberships that encompass a diverse array of services and state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

In the case of needing to terminate your membership, there’s a cancellation fee applicable within a certain period. This fee is a part of the overall ease of managing memberships and accounts.

Users often find the flexibility helpful when planning their fitness journey, as life circumstances can change – whether it’s moving out of the area or opting to take a break.

Planet Fitness understands these situations and aims to provide a user-friendly experience, allowing people to switch or cancel their memberships with the least hassle.

Is There A Cancellation Fee For Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness has garnered attention for its cancellation policy. While their commitment to providing an affordable fitness option is commendable, some gym-goers have encountered questions about the cancellation fee.

Planet Fitness has implemented a policy that necessitates a 30-day notice for those seeking to terminate their membership. Has been designed to facilitate a seamless and hassle-free process for members who wish to end their Subscription with the gym.

How Much Does It Cost To Cancel Planet Fitness?

When considering the question, “How much does it cost to cancel Planet Fitness?” various factors come into play. If you hold a 12-month membership and decide to cancel before its completion, a fee of $58 applies.

However, there’s a 14-day grace period during which cancellation incurs a $25 fee. Notably, if you’re a member with a commitment-free plan or have maintained your membership for a year or more, no cancellation fee is levied by Planet Fitness.

The cost of canceling your membership depends on the duration of your membership and when you initiate the process.

Planet Fitness Is Being Hated By Everyone. Here’s Why?

Planet Fitness has gained attention and sparked discussions across social media platforms due to the hating procedure involving their cancellation fee.

If particularly those who are into bodybuilding and serious weightlifting, have started using platforms like Facebook to share their personal videos and posts detailing their journeys and experiences. These instances have spread quickly, leaving some gym members frustrated with the way the club caters to selected exercises, discouraging supersets and the use of weight plates.

Some complaints revolve around the staff’s behavior, which some perceive as rude when members attempt to enter the gym with water bottles. Despite its affordable rates, the gym’s strict policies and the shared video content have led to a negative perception among certain fitness enthusiasts.

How To Avoid Planet Fitness Cancellation Fee?

To navigate the Planet Fitness cancellation fee, understanding your membership agreement and commitment period is crucial.

If you’re in a no-commitment membership or have been part of the club for over a year, you won’t be required to pay the cancellation fee. Opting out before the commitment period is over might result in being charged, so it’s wise to time your decision carefully.

Avoiding the cancellation fee is possible if you’re not into a membership commitment or if you’ve fulfilled your year-long commitment. Being aware of these factors can help you successfully avoid the Planet Fitness cancellation fee.

How Can I Cancel My Planet Fitness Membership?

To cancel your Planet Fitness membership, you have a few options available:

Visit in Person:
  • Head to your local gym location.
  • Request a cancellation form from the staff.
  • On the form, fill out the required information.
  • Follow the steps they mention to complete the process.
  • You’ll be able to cancel your membership through this method.
Mail Request:
  • If you prefer not to visit in person, you can send a mail to the club address.
  • Write a request stating your intention to cancel your Planet Fitness membership.
  • Provide them with the details they need for cancellation.
  • Ask for a membership cancellation confirmation once the procedure is completed.
  • Both methods are convenient and ensure a hassle-free cancellation experience.

Remember, whether you visit in person or send a mail, your membership can be canceled in a straightforward manner.

Classic Membership

The Classic membership at Planet Fitness involves a 12-month commitment, during which you’re locked into your membership. If you decide to cancel before completing the 12-month term, a cancellation fee of $58 will be charged.

However, once you’ve successfully completed the full 12-month term, there’s no fee for canceling, allowing you to end your membership commitment without any additional charges.

Black Card Membership

The Black Card membership option at Planet Fitness offers unique benefits and features. This membership requires an annual commitment, ensuring you have access to exclusive privileges throughout the year.

It’s important to note that if you choose to cancel your Black Card membership before completing the annual term, a cancellation fee of $58 will be charged.

However, once you’ve successfully completed the full year, you can cancel your membership without incurring any additional fees.

Can I Cancel Planet Fitness Membership Online?

Unfortunately, members are currently not allowed to cancel their Planet Fitness membership online. To cancel their gym or club membership, they have the option to visit their club location in person or send a cancellation letter through the mail. This ensures a personalized and reliable process for managing membership cancellations.

What is the format for a Planet Fitness Cancellation Letter?

When it comes to composing a cancellation letter for Planet Fitness, understanding the process is key. Begin by including essential details such as your name, address, phone number, and Planet ID membership.

Clearly state your reason for cancellation and ensure the letter is comprehensive yet concise. Address the letter to your home club’s mailing address or alternatively, you can personally hand it in at the club.

By following these steps and providing all the necessary information, you can write an effective cancellation letter that facilitates a smooth process with Planet Fitness.

How Can I Contact Planet Fitness Customer Service?

If you encounter any issues with Planet Fitness services or have queries related to your membership, reaching out to Planet Fitness Customer Service is simple and effective.

You can easily get answers and information by visiting the Customer Service page on their website. Alternatively, for more personalized interaction, you can also head to your local club location and speak with a representative at the front desk.

Final Thoughts

With the cancellation of your Planet Fitness membership, it’s of utmost importance to thoughtfully evaluate your options and select what aligns best with your fitness objectives. Planet Fitness is known for its affordable services, catering to a diverse membership base.

If you’re contemplating canceling your membership due to any reason, the process involves following detailed cancellation steps. You can contact the Customer Support department for assistance with related queries and to learn about the cancellation fees associated with your membership type.

By understanding the membership commitment and club policies, you can navigate through the cancellation process smoothly. Also, Know How To Cancel Fitness 19 Membership?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my Planet Fitness cancellation fee waived?

To potentially have your Planet Fitness cancellation fee waived, you can provide written proof of extenuating circumstances, such as injury or relocation outside of the gym’s range. If you’ve sustained an injury, request your doctor’s office to supply a note verifying your inability to use the gym facilities. Submitting this documentation might enable you to have the cancellation fee waived.

Can you really cancel Planet Fitness anytime?

Yes, Planet Fitness memberships can be canceled at any time. If you have written proof of extenuating circumstances, such as injury or relocation out of the gym’s range, you may be able to waive any associated fees.

In case of injury, you can request your doctor’s office to provide a note confirming your inability to utilize the gym facilities, possibly facilitating a hassle-free cancellation process.

Does Planet Fitness refund annual fees if I cancel?

Yes, Planet Fitness has a refund policy in place. If you are not satisfied with your membership and decide to cancel, you may be eligible to request a refund for the annual fee. This policy allows members to seek a refund upon canceling their membership based on the terms outlined by Planet Fitness.

Is Planet Fitness’s black card no commitment?

Yes, the Planet Fitness Black Card membership comes with no commitment. Alongside the $39 annual fee and $1 start-up fee, this membership option provides the advantage of flexibility without requiring a commitment.

Is it difficult to cancel a Planet Fitness membership?

Canceling a Planet Fitness membership is a straightforward process. You can complete a cancellation form at your home club’s front desk or send a cancellation request letter, preferably via certified mail, to your club. However, memberships cannot be canceled through email or phone, ensuring a secure and effective cancellation procedure.

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